The Vagabond Manifesto

• Value – this opportunity to live what many only dream of. Most will never travel the world or experience living out of a bag for months or even years on end.

• Adapt – to your surroundings and a nomadic lifestyle. Just don’t get too comfortable. Make a rough plan to visit many locations. Limit your stay to no more than 90 days in one place (country). Most foreign governments limit visitors to a tourist visa of 90 days. When staying put for a while, stay active… do not adopt a sedentary lifestyle.

• Gather – resources and practice minimalism. Take only what you need. When purchasing things, if you must, do your best to support small businesses. Travel light (one carry-on bag) and do not collect things that will end up being an anchor. Things can be purchased (and discarded or donated) at your destination. Being a minimalist also applies to your budget. Frugality is a virtue.

• Act – like the locals. Blend in, participate and value opportunity to make new friends. Offer to help, cook, work (if legal). Volunteer through WWOOF, HelpX, Workaway, Mindmyhouse, etc.

• Be – Good. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Leave a lasting impression. When playing “tourist” (if you must), be respectful and open to new ways of doing things.

• Observe – with your eyes wide open. Listen before speaking, understand the culture. Do not offend. Learn the local customs and norms. Be open-minded.

• Nullify – missed opportunities and negative thinking. Really, there are no “missed” opportunities. Obstacles are often the way forward. If you’re consistently looking for your comfort zone, you’re not vagabonding! Seek out challenges along your path.

• Divest – in what you think is “normal” and what others expect of you. You will likely find that going back to being normal is out of the question. This is your life now… embrace the vagabond lifestyle.