The Vagabond Veteran joined the U.S. Army while still in High School and learned to love being outdoors in some very unique places. After serving our country for 20 years, he retired from the military and went on a multi-year travel adventure – combining his passions for travel, adventure motorcycling, ultra running, and hiking.

As an endurance athlete and lover of all things long distance, he has completed over two dozen marathons and ultra-marathons of distances up to 50 miles. His ultimate running goal is to complete a marathon or ultra marathon in all 50 states.

As an avid outdoorsman and hiker, in 2015, he hiked nearly 2,000 miles of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. In 2016, he hiked for 94 days, circling Ohio on the Buckeye Trail. And, in 2017, he hiked much of the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail, from Glacier National Park, Montana to the Olympic National Park, on the Pacific Coast.

On top of Mt Locke, Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail, from the “Crown to the Coast”

When he’s not hiking or running, he’s logging miles on his adventure motorcycle, including trips along Route 66, the entire Pacific Coast Highway, and the Trans-Canada Highway. To date, he’s visited the four corners of the USA, including the southernmost point of Hawaii and covered 34,000 miles of scenic highways, byways, trails, and everything in between.

On top of the highest “geological” point on earth… Mauna Kea Volcano, Big Island of Hawaii

Having fully adopted a nomadic lifestyle learned during two decades of military service and five years of long distance walks, rides and world travel – his philosophy can be summed up with: “Solvitur Ambulando“… which means, it is solved by walking.

Currently, the Vagabond Veteran is lounging in a hammock on a tropical island. He will return to North America on a date that is yet to be determined.