The World is Your Gym – Get Fit Series, #2

The Gym – bastion of hardcore weight lifters and wannabe fitness experts. Most are there to waste their time, they just don’t realize it. Only an exceptional few will achieve their fitness goals while churning, grunting and pumping their way to greatness. And then, be able to maintain the results. Why do so many others fail? Because, it’s not fun. If your workout is not fun, you will eventually quit. This is why gym memberships are one of the biggest wastes of money. Gyms count on you to sign a contract and then eventually stop showing up.

I have a better solution. And believe me, I’m not the only one. This isn’t cutting edge information that only a select number of people have knowledge of. It also isn’t an income generator for 99% of us. Because not going to a gym means saving your money… and not lining the pockets of those greedy, corporate fitness leeches. Some with the required amount of talent have known this “secret” and are making big money… so, they don’t worry about gym memberships.

What I am talking about here is called natural fitness or natural movement training… or in the simplest term, play. In a practical sense, the world outside your door – THAT is your gym, that is your playground. Need proof? Just look at those athletes who take their play seriously. They are having fun doing what they love and their bodies are a reflection of their chosen form of fitness – play! And some, as referenced in the preceding paragraph, are filthy rich… because they started out and continued playing.

Crawl, walk, run, climb, balance, jump, squat, pull, push, stoop, jump, swim. Each and every one of those actions are natural movements that we likely perfected or at least had done thousands of times or more before the age of 13. At the playground, during recess, in team sports, at a park. And then, at some point, we stopped. We grew up and out. “Play is for kids,” they said. Why? Because society said so.



Now, it should be obvious but not everyone has an idyllic paradise to play in. But, you do have a park or open field nearby. There are trees. There are swimming pools and lakes, or an ocean. There are also indoor facilities that do not charge you for a membership. Even if they do, “playing” has been proven to be more effective than lifting weights or running to nowhere on the treadmill, AKA the dreadmill. If you’re going to pay, then pay to play.

The point – HAVE FUN. Go outside and move naturally. Take your kids or your grandkids or your siblings and make it a social experience – even better! Play. You will achieve your fitness goals and maintain them once you are truly enjoying the process. In short time, it won’t even feel like a process. It will be natural. Get out and move.

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct.” – Carl Jung



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