Making Social Media more Social

My one and only resolution for 2018 is to make social media more social. For me, that means posting original photos, content and carefully sourced information that will hopefully inspire people to socialize – instead of posting unoriginal content, rants or sharing political memes that only they find funny or interesting. Sadly, for far too many, social media has become an echo chamber where outdated beliefs and misguided ideals are espoused into the great void of cyber reality. Which, is anything but real.

Truth be told, I’ve nearly given up on social media once and for all. From what I have witnessed, it is antisocial and divisive by default. And when it isn’t, it calls to mind a dead whale, washed ashore and long since forgotten… disgorging its rotted guts onto a public space, offending all in its presence.


So, this is my last effort… my final foray. Will I be one of the 20% that actually make it past the month of February without failing on their resolution? If I suddenly vanish from the social media spectrum, you’ll know that I had no choice but to pull the ripcord and parachute my way to safety (and sensibility) – which, in a way also means I will have succeeded in proving a point.

In this time of nonstop, negative attention toward Facebook and other forms of social media, it is up to those of us that have harnessed it with good intentions to steer it into something more useful – a catalytic tool for sharing knowledge, information and ideas that brighten our world and get people talking. Let’s face it – it’s not going away, so let’s make it work… better, and not in the mind-numbing way the kings of silicon valley have let it become.


Should social media be a perfect world where we all get along and gain benefit? No, of course not. But, those that use it have responsibilities just as they do when going out in public. In other words, act accordingly and use it with the intention of doing good.

In conclusion — without others also seeing a need for change, social media will continue to devolve. For now, I’m going to persist with doing my part. And, I hope that when possible, you will use it less and instead choose to socialize in person. That is where the real connections lie. In the absence of opportunity for real, face-to-face communication, I do hope that others will adopt my resolution to make social media more social.

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it?” – Erik Qualman




  1. I’m all for more face to face interaction. How soon can you stop by?? 😁

    1. I’m probably one of a handful that actually have stopped by your slice of paradise… and will do so again. 🙂

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